Real Estate in VR

Get over Property Brouchers and simple 2d videos . We are providing a new way which provides In-Depth information abot your Property or Commercial Projects . With VR it’s now possible give an immersive experience , a guided tour of your Real Estate at your potential customers Doorsteps . It’s cost efficient , saves the efforts and time to convert a client . Try it now .

Education in VR

Add a new Dimention in your learning with our GuruVR Systems for your Institution , Class or Just for yourself .  Carry your classroom experience and more with our specially designed content and devices . This is the transformation in how you learn .

Fashion in VR

The world was diffrent yesterday so is the fashion . How to keep up with such rapid change , how to sustain your established or new fashion brand in this global culture and reach out to more and more customers . We have a Tailored solution for you . Put on a Fashion show , give your audience a first seat experience in VR . Explain your lineup in a more personal and immersive way .

VR For Business

Add the WOW factor of VR in Your important presentations where clients attention is required the most . VR teleports user from a regular office room to Project site and beyond that . Use this solution to train your employees effectively .

360/VR Photos ,Videos & LIVE Streaming


VR technology enables users to teleport from one place to another in an effective and immersive way . Travel , Tourism , Museum , Event launch ,Sport events wedding , Music videos , with our world class equipments and expert Pre and Post production team we always bring out in any project . 3D VR is one of our speciality . We also provide 360/VR  LIVE STREAMING and services.

Retail in VR


The adoption of VR and AR is changing the way consumers interact with the world, and AI and machine learning are allowing businesses to deeply personalise their services.Retail companies are not an exception.The interest in mixed reality is great, and retail provides a number of exciting possibilities for these new technologies.Technological advancements are catapulting the retail industry forward into an exciting new future. The power of these innovations is reshaping buyer behaviour and the shopping journey.

Virtual Reality Gaming


VR gaming has been dreamed about almost as long as video games and especially 3d Games have existed. Prior to the development of compact technology, VR gaming used projector rooms or multiple screens. VR gaming control may involve a standard keyboard and mouse, game controllers or motion capture methods. More complex VR rooms may include treadmill floors or similar methods to further the user’s sense of freedom of movement and feelings of immersion within the virtual environment. In other VR gaming setups, the user may be confined to a limited area surrounding a computer but have free range of motion within the area.

VR AR and MR , with these technologies , only limitation is your imagination .

Recent Projects

And Many More


The man with the plan , From manufacturing and selling Google Cardboard Viewers in 2014 , to now developing and managing the show of FirebirdVR . He’s an expert in VR technology . He gets things done . Akshay Rathod

Founder & CEO

When he first experienced VR he knew it’s the future . This IIM graduate has handled many international brands . Problem solving is his forte . Dayanand Kamble

Co-Founder & Cheif Strategist

Prior to FireBirdVR, Yogesh was successfully running his Gaming Zone – K Gaming Park with state of the art gaming equipment. Yogesh was the first to introduce Virtual Reality Games in Pune.Yogesh has 15 years of extensive work experience in Sales & Marketing with hands on expertise in understanding client need.

Yogesh Surwase






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