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What are 360-degree Photos & Videos ?

Why look at a picture or video of your favourite artist performing when you can immerse yourself in 360 degrees of the concert?

360-degrees has truly opened up a new world of possibilities and produced a new method of advertising.

Potential use cases for 360 degree media content:

  • Enjoy immersive viewing of  events like concerts and keynotes
  • Make use of 360 video for security purposes
  • Hotels can allow potential customers to view rooms before booking


At FireBirdVR, we indulge in creating a 360-degree content experience to engage customer’s mind. With our seamless integration and VR/360-degree devices, anyone can stream high-quality, immersive videos, pictures, and experience it at local or global levels. 

70% of Marketers who have used 360 videos say it has increased engagement for them - VAR India

You don't have a choice

Use of 360° Photos/Videos for your Business

Gateway to New Marketing Platform

Making use of 360 degree content on social platforms assure more eyes on your posts. 360 video or photography can be incorporated into your webpage to create an interactive experience for your clients too.

Investment Worthy

360 degree content is the next generation of consumer media that allows superlative degree of experimentation, plus it also acts as an engagement driver

Unlimited Possibilities For Viewers

More information means more empathy and consumer awareness. Take One 360° photo instead of 15 Regular Shots, to encapsulate all the information you want to show.

360 Degree Media Advertising

360 videos motivate viewers to watch and interact more. 360 ads drive more engagement via interactions & is a more efficient buy since its cost-per-view is seen to be lower when organic and paid views were combined.

The Process

How Do We Help With 360-Degree Technology?

Support VR Devices

Our applications are user-friendly and compatible with all support devices making the streaming smooth and hassle-free.

Browser-Playback Compatible

FireBirdVR enables high-quality, live 360-degree video in most browsers.

Stream in 4K Resolution

FireBirdVR gives you the ability to stream 360-degree video in 4K resolution.

Real-Time Transcoding

Enable adaptive bitrate streaming with real-time transcoding 

The Time Has Come Where VR/AR Is Going To Change The Way We View Objects