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What is the role of virtual reality in Education ?

Its been more than a decade that there has been a significant innovation in teaching methodologies, we think the world needs to upgrade in how it teaches, this is where FireBirdVR comes into action 

Virtual Reality enhances the engagement factor in the classroom, letting the learners interact and experience the concepts in a virtually crafted life

Who Are We ?

FireBirdVR aims to personify educational resources & teaching methodologies that can bring about a change in how content is consumed today. We create a virtual immersion for the learners to visualise & interact through the lessons crafted with the help of VR & AR tools.

FireBirdVR keeps Virtual Reality in education fact-oriented and easy to comprehend.
Because we believe, “Being immersed in what you’re learning motivates you to understand it fully”

Education to be the 4th Biggest Sector for VR investment as per Statista

Make Technology Student-Friendly

Why Education Requires Virtual Reality ?

Replace The Boring

Re-innovate & build interactive study lessons for learners, letting them to explore by living the subject


An element of competition & gaming makes education more attractive. VR enables the teacher to ‘gamify’ even the simplest lessons, like ‘open the tab’ or ‘close the door’ to a more complex multiplayer experience

100% Attention Span

Immediate engagement with VR means no distractions. The scenery is so vivid, attractive & engages participation so that every student becomes involved 100%

Beats Complexity

VR allows students to experiment with things they don’t have access to at school. VR can simulate nearly impossible & dangerous events/scenarios that cannot be experienced in a normal environment like, car crash, first aid, driving etc

The Process

How We Make It Work ?

Share your course material properly laid out in structured syllabus & duration of every chapter

Our VR team converts the illustrations & long passages into a multi-dimensional reality with  360-degree immersive views & 3D graphics.

FireBirdVR produces a futuristic infrastructure that is classroom-friendly that delivers an experience which helps to tap into the learner's IQ & EQ.

Let the curious mind see the vast treasures of knowledge & application of various concepts through pragmatic ways, enhancing their cognitive skills & creativity.

Technology & Education Have Been Dynamic, & VR Can Transform It To Be Life-Changing.