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What is the role of virtual reality in Fashion?

Virtual Fashion is the interplay between digital technology & couture that enables Real-Time Fashion for customers at their door-step. It is a new business model that aims to accelerate a customer-pull approach & also to enhance the customer’s virtual experience by increasing the retail & service value of the fashion brands online. Thereby in-fluxing growth in sales & reduction on logistics over a period of time.

Virtual Fashion enables brands to forecast & provide real-time products on a click of a button

Your Alternate Reality Carriers

Who Are We?

FireBirdVR is a one-stop solution for all the fashion brands who want to stay relevant in the industry. Enable Ease of shopping for their end customers & elevate their revenues.

At FireBirdVR, we help you create a Digital Shopping Experience with real-time VR / AR tools.
Gone are the days when the applications of virtual reality were only for entertainment. The revolutionary trendsetter in fashion is now, Virtual Reality.

FireBirdVR showcases Fashion at its best through carefully designed and remarkable graphic details.
We help you sit back and see your product sell itself.

Global Online Retail Sales are growing, with about 8.8% of the estimated total retail spending in 2018 with the use of tech like Augmented Reality

Dress yourself up before buying one

Why Your Fashion Brand Needs Virtual Reality ?

Zero Carbon Footprint

To give your fashion brand a footing of Zero Environmental Impact, we recreate your artistic fashion designs into a virtual treat

Supply Chain Dynamics

Real-time traceability, with transparency to optimise products online for personalised service

Cloud Platforms

For designers, who are eager to showcase their talent we provide an end to end integrated platform for profitable collaborations

The Process

How We Make It Work ?

Share with us your brand details and collection ideas. We take up a challenge in making it engaging

We create a Virtual Reality Segment of your designs and transform Fashion Shows into an HD-quality 360-degree expression through 3D dimensions.

We empower brands for fetching e-commerce retailers and building a brand reality.

With the highest quality of VR/AR tools, we help you spread your Fashion Sense to your target-clientele.

The Time Has Come Where VR/AR Is Going To Change The Way We Shop​