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What is VR in Fitness ?

Virtual Fitness is the fusion of exercise with technology. VR training seems like the most exciting way to train and not get bored half way through your workout. From biking down some of the most scenic coastlines in the world to cruising over clouds in a plane motored by your legs, there is no workout more exhilarating.

With the integration of VR Headsets & Controllers with regular gym equipments, VR is transforming the way we workout.

Who Are We ?

If the thought of joining a crowd of confident, seasoned group of exercisers in a packed fitness studio daunts you, virtual could be the way to go and, we help you in it. VR Fitness routines offer users an escape from the sometimes boring and mundane workout routines because just like VR gaming, VR fitness training is super addictive.

FireBirdVR is your perfect go-to-stop for personalised exercise platform full of Virtual Reality. At FireBirdVR we believe VR Fitness offers people an alternate fitness solution that works and is really fun.

43% Of Virtual Reality Headset Owners use their device for their workouts. 50% Of Users are using the headset to experience adventure activities like rock climbing, that they might not do in real life.

Why VR in Fitness ?

Increase Motivation in Gym-Goers

Consumer facing Fitness VR applications combats the boredom associated with exercise with people not only getting attracted towards it, but it also creates an immersive feeling

More Play Than Work

VR Fitness Stationary Games make workouts productive & fun allowing users to track their progress, heart rate etc. VR makes this experience entertaining for gym-goers as a way to keep them coming back

Relieves Pain & Stress

Training with VR Fitness Solutions helps to forget the aches & pains of yesterday’s workout. By adding VR Fitness into the daily routine can decrease anxiety & help improve your self esteem.

Attract New Members

By having a VR equipment at the gym, users try out the technology without having to invest in a personal setup. This boosts customer excitement & fuel the gym adoption rate

The Process

How We Make It Work ?

Fill our team with the fitness workout program designs and requirements you need 

Our creative team shall render all the details and create your Fitness-Platform vibrant in VR/AR/MR content.

We immerse your customers in a workout they've never experienced and entice them to come back for more. 

We offer a universal application that can be added to almost any type gym or workout facility.

All Progress Takes Place Outside The Comfort Zone, Let Virtual Reality Take Care Of It