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What is virtual reality in Healthcare ?

Virtual Reality (VR) is a recent digital invention that is steadily changing the way we live as well as significantly improving our daily well-being and health.

VR/AR/MR allows to develop powerful diagnostic tools, which helps doctors & physicians to carry out accurate diagnosis. This is done in combination with other methods, such as MRI/CT scans, & eliminates the need for any kind of invasive techniques, making it a pain-free experience for the patient.

Who Are We ?

We at FireBirdVR,  can develop solutions that can remarkably benefit the healthcare industry, with new life saving techniques to training the doctors of the future

With proven trials, virtual reality is a valuable addition to the healthcare sector. We are helping medical professionals accelerate their treatment & rehabilitation of the patients.

A study from Harvard Business Review showed that VR-trained surgeons had a 230% boost in their overall performance compared to their traditionally-trained counterparts

Experimenting To Success

Why VR in Healthcare ?

Train & Educate

Medical students can perform ‘hands on’ procedures but in a safe and controlled setting

Reduce your Risk

One of the greatest benefits of VR training in the healthcare sector is its ability to give healthcare professionals the training they need without putting anyone’s life in jeopardy.

Pain Management

If healthcare professionals learn to use VR for a variety of purposes, they can help relieve their patients’ pain in a lot of scenarios

Battle Phobias

Let VR help in to face fears in a conducive environment and cope-up with Phobias

The Process

How We Help You ?

Share with us your medical tech support query and details.

Our creative team shall render all the details and create your Medi Wonder Aid rich in VR/AR/MR content.

FireBirdVR produces a doctor friendly version of the medical procedures by working on the minutest details with a complete manual to operate

FireBirdVR delivers a world class VR walkthrough programme to ease out the entire medical procedures

Healthcare Is A Right, Virtual Reality Is An Added Privilege