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What is Real Estate Virtual Reality ?

FireBirdVR understands the challenge of selling a property without having a sample flat ready

We employ the latest VR/AR/MR technologies to produce an immersive walkthrough of your property with the help of your blue prints through the use of virtual reality devices & all of this without breaking the bank

Who Are We ?

We at FireBirdVR, create an ultimate virtual experience for your upcoming dream projects, just before the construction begins. We are the experts in turning your blueprint into visuals without actual architecture built.

FireBirdVR showcases your vision to your customers and helps you create a virtual walk-through of your projects that establishishes a realistic experience with an emotional touch.

National Association of Realtors(NAR) Reports, 50% Of Homebuyers Find Virtual Tours Very Useful.

Solve 3D problems in 3D ways

Why VR is needed in Real Estate ?

Instant Sense of Ownership

VR home tours allow clients to virtually visit properties when they want & for as long as they want. This establishes a sense of personal connection & ownership.

Saves Money

Developing feature-rich 3D virtual tours may seem expensive, but think of the investment in traditional real estate marketing, VR helps you save money by using the power of 360° videos & computer graphics.

Universal Reach

Doesn’t matter where your clients live. VR helps you showcase properties even to long-distance buyers. This means you can work with more clients & process more inquiries.

Sell More

Full immersiveness of virtual house tours creates an emotional connection & engage with clients a lot more efficiently than conventional 2D images, allowing them to take a faster decision.

The Process

How Do We Make It Work ?

Share with us your project vision, blueprints & photographs

Our team renders all the given content & recreates the entire structure into a Virtual Walkthrough

We bring out finesse in the minutest elements with multiple rounds of iterations to perfect your property

Lastly, relax & let your prospective client put on the headset & see them connect & buy the property through the on-point VR representation

It's Not Just A VR Walkthrough But Much More With FireBirdVR