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What is the role of virtual reality in Retail?

Over a decade, the traditional retail business is dramatically revamped by online activities. Virtual Retail is an emerging concept where the shopping experience of the customer is transformed into an online activity in a seamless way.

VR is proving a great fit for use cases where the retailer wants to put the consumer into a completely new environment, such as projecting a new outfit on an image of the shopper standing in the store.

Who Are We ?

We at FireBirdVR, craft a retail specific shopping platform to give the shoppers a 3D shopping thrill. Customers expect retail brands to be intertwined with their likes and dislikes and, we help you blur these differences and make you the experts in the retail segment. Just like exemplary retail giants such as IKEA and Lowe’s.

AR and VR in retail holds promise to create the differentiated brand experiences that drive conversions, repeat visits and higher revenue - Goldman Sachs

Dress yourself up before buying one

Why VR in Retail ?

Virtual Encounters

AR or VR can help overcome the hassle factor of shopping. VR can bridge consumers’ seeming conflict between the desire for personal service & unwillingness to visit a store by enabling experiences virtually

Virtual Try On's

AR and VR can both be useful in helping consumers see products in context, such as a furniture buyer previewing how a couch would look in their living room.

Allows Customisation

Creating a custom order used to take a lot of time & rely on the customer’s imagination. AR and VR in retail help overcome those hurdles by producing virtual versions of the desired product

FireBirdVR helps you build a perfect VR Setup

How Do We Help You?

Fill us in with the details of your retail business, product category, range, dimensions etc

Our VR team builds an appropriate VR structure which consists of distinct product designs, features/Info with a complete immersive experience 

With remarkable virtual effects, we can convert your ordinary looking store into much immersive version where it is virtually possible to get a walk-through

With the growing v-commerce in the market, the retail markets will need VR/AR for profitability as well as customer experience, this is exactly what we deliver, Profits!

What will it look like in my home? What will it look like on me? Tell me more about how to use this product, says your end customer.