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What is virtual reality in Gaming ?

VR Gaming is where a person can experience being in a three-dimensional environment and interact with that environment during a game.

It’s a computer technology that immerses a user in a three-dimensional replicated world and imparts first-person perspective of game action.

Who Are We ?

We at FireBirdVR, have specialised gaming solutions ready to implement for every customer’s need. FireBirdVR works to create a game from the point of strategising, configuration to an end product which is tailored with multi-sensory features making it your best foot forward in the gaming industry.

47 % believe that the most interesting aspect of VR in gaming is the feeling of entering another world - Statista Survey

Make Games, More Exciting And Immersive

Why VR in Gaming ?

Virtual Collaboration

Allows multiple users to perceive & interact from different locations within the simulation.

Better Controls & Interface

Gamers get an enhanced experience through interface & control ability, allowing them to spend more time on the application

Adopt VR - Stay ahead

With cutting real-time gaming graphics, stay ahead over others in the industry


Best games retains the gamers attention for longer time, boost it up with FirebirdVR

The Process

How Do We Help You ?

Provide us with the details of your dream game/modifications required.

Our creative team shall render all the details and create an Ace Game rich in VR/AR/MR content.

FireBirdVR turns your gaming thoughts into a digitally extended reality to access it anytime, anywhere.

FireBirdVR's solutions are ready to upgrade your gaming platform by adding an impactful "wow effect" which produces additional PR & media attention as well as social media buzz to propagate viral campaigns.

Eat - Sleep - Game - Repeat,
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