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Virtual Reality in Real Estate

FireBirdVR understands the challenge of selling a property without having a sample flat ready

We employ the latest VR/AR/MR technologies to produce an immersive walkthrough of your property with the help of your blue prints through the use of virtual reality devices & all of this without breaking the bank.

Virtual Reality in Education

FireBirdVR aims to personify educational resources & teaching methodologies that can bring about a change in how content is consumed today

Its been more than a decade that there has been a significant innovation in teaching methodologies, we think the world needs to upgrade in how it teaches, this is where FireBirdVR comes into action 

Virtual Reality in Fashion

FireBirdVR understands how dynamic the Fashion Industry is and how exigent it is to showcase the best of designs in the most innovative way.

We use the latest VR/AR/MR technologies to keep up with the rapidly changing fashion industry, revolutionising the old touch & buy stereotypes with Virtual Showcase of your fashion game. 

Virtual Reality in Retail

VR in retail is nothing but an e-commerce store with emphasis on products being next to real

FireBirdVR creates virtual stores where a customer could choose & buy products. VR/AR/MR in retail is predicted to reduce marketing costs, reduce product returns & offer efficient analytics & data.

Virtual Reality in Healthcare

VR/AR/MR simulation technologies are being used in medical education and training, for a long time now.

FireBirdVR can develop powerful diagnostic tools, which helps doctors & physicians to carry out accurate diagnosis. This is done in combination with other methods, such as MRI/CT scans, & eliminates the need for any kind of invasive techniques, making it a pain-free experience for the patient.

360 Photos/Videos

360-degrees has truly opened up a new world of possibilities and produced a new method of advertising. At FireBirdVR, we indulge in creating a 360-degree content experience to engage customer’s mind. 

With our seamless integration and VR/360-degree devices, anyone can stream high-quality, immersive videos, pictures, and experience it at local or global levels

Virtual Realty In Business

Business is multi-dimensional and needs constant technology upgrades to function at optimum levels.

With leading VR/AR/MR technologies, FireBirdVR adds a wow factor in your routine presentations to capture the client’s attention uniquely through magnificent data presentation with virtual twists & turns, immersive right?
It can also help you train your staff efficiently.

We Strive to Drive

Our Mission

We at FireBirdVR are willing to bring about a paradigm shift in how Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality is been perceived by businesses today, also make our services more affordable & accessible to SME’s & Startups.


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